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Where are we now?
Searching for Inspiring stories throughout the world!

 Constantly on the move, creating new stories and memories to share, and inspire you. In other words, we travel the world and share the beauty we find from Argentina to Croatia to Malaysia, we will try to visit every place and encounter as much as possible, after that we put it into words to share with you. Scroll down to find out where we are today or click the “Project” and start reading the personal stories of the inspiring people we have met so far. 

For instance, we just came back from Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay where we build an Earthship. This is a house build from mainly recycled material which does not depend on external electricity and water. This house provides all of these things for itself. More information about the Earthship? check out our blog or the Earthship Global website.


At this moment we are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we are working on our plans to build our own Earthship in Mendoza as well as one in the Netherlands.


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