About us

In a world where bad news tends to control our televisions and minds. We started looking for a way to share the beautiful stories we come across while traveling.

We want to share the vision of people who prefer to see possibilities and positivity instead, focusing our attention on the divergent. With these micro-stories, we aim to make humanity become conscious of the facts that they can be part of a change. So we learn from ourselves instead of being guided by the media.

Once people start listening to each other, they will get a different perspective. Differences and heterogeneity are what enriches our mind, making this world more beautiful and interesting. That is why we wish our readers to get involved with the project, hoping they become part of the Awakeye stories.

another beautiful mandala by artist Ro.dc
blond boy dutch blue eyes


is a multi-instrumentalist music composer, producer, video- & photographer from the Netherlands. He has an unsustainable urge to create and explore. Having studied Sound Design in The Netherlands Thomas still enjoys making music while traveling around the world working on the Awakeye project together with co-founder Rocío.

“Autodidactic” describes him well. He believes that as long as you put in the time, effort and passion, you will be able to learn and become good at anything you desire.

blond argentinian girl green eyes


is an architect, graduated at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). While studying, she became a teacher of the third year courses of architectural history and a teaching assistant in the architecture theory class. From 2014 till present she participates in research at the Institute of American Art and Aesthetic research (UBA) on the Archive of digital images (AID).

She believes in an interdisciplinary study, that covers a wide range of courses, which can vary from architecture to drawing, including reiki, yoga, writing, photography, and dancing

While trying to figure out how to combine all these things, and focusing herself on social issues, she is traveling around the world working on the Awakeye Project.