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This is a blog about things we see and we write about them so you can read them and that is nice.
Very nice stories you will not see anywhere else, so you better read them here and get inspired super quick, okay good.
I am a text block, at some point, Thomas will write an interesting story here.
But until then it will be filled with something that only Dennis will be able to read. Hasta pronto allemaal.

building a glass bottle wall in an earthship
Earthship building 2025 1350 admin

Earthship building

Earthship House Building Building your own house always been a dream for most of us. However, realising such a dream is quite a hard thing to make that happen. But Michael Raynolds made this a little bit easier, coming up with the Earthship house model. Due to the low costs and environmental pros, anyone with…

Thomas Test 600 400 Thomas van den Berg

Thomas Test

Hello knetters ! I know how excited you are to see a matcha recipe and I’m happy that you clicked through to see this post. Panna cotta is Mr. JOC’s all-time favorite dessert. Okay, let me say he does have a lot of “all-time favorite” desserts, but in all seriousness, I know it will be…

Vegan Matcha Pancotta 600 400 admin

Vegan Matcha Pancotta

This blog post is about super interesting vegan matcha pannacotta desert, Martijn his favorite recipe. As a teenager, his parents always treated him as anyone would hope that they would be treated. As a young god, he got served at least sixteen deserts a day. Nobody would be able to keep him eating his well-beloved pannacotta desert. Eat…

Simple Flied Lies 800 534 admin

Simple Flied Lies

Whenever I need to get lunch or dinner on the table fast, fried rice often comes to mind. With just a few well-chosen ingredients in the pantry and some leftover rice, I’d be ready to cook up a satisfying bowl of meal in less than 20 minutes. It’s so fulfilling that it can carry me…

Oroshi Soba 600 400 admin

Oroshi Soba

Everyone needs a quick meal that is fresh, nutritious, and delicious.  Oroshi Soba meets exactly the criteria when I need to cook up a healthy meal fast for the family. It uses basic Japanese ingredients like dried soba noodles, dried bonito flakes, scallion, and daikon radish. When you’re in a hurry, but still want something simple yet…