Earthship building

building a glass bottle wall in an earthship

Earthship building

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Earthship House Building

Building your own house always been a dream for most of us. However, realising such a dream is quite a hard thing to make that happen. But Michael Raynolds made this a little bit easier, coming up with the Earthship house model. Due to the low costs and environmental pros, anyone with an ability of creative thinking is able to construct one, that is “if” you are okay with the hard work that comes with it.


How to build an Earthship?

Building a sustainable home yourself isn’t that hard. The video added below shows the full process and guide on how to build a house from upcycled material.  Start saving your glass bottles, cans and old tired now and make sure your family, friends, and neighbor don’t throw them away either. In other words, the things you used to throw away will become the building blocks of your new future home!



How much does an Earthship cost?

Besides a lot of blisters and liters of sweat, how much the eco-building will cost you depends on a lot of things. Are you doing the building yourself? If yes the building will cost you around $70.000 depending on the size of course. Maybe you prefer someone building it build for you? In that case, it will cost you approximately $225 US Dollar per square foot.





Visit the official page of Michael Raynolds here: Earthship Global

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