Vegan Matcha Pancotta

Vegan Matcha Pancotta

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This blog post is about super interesting vegan matcha pannacotta desert, Martijn his favorite recipe.

As a teenager, his parents always treated him as anyone would hope that they would be treated. As a young god, he got served at least sixteen deserts a day. Nobody would be able to keep him eating his well-beloved pannacotta desert.

Eat every morning

When he would wake up early in the morning, first things first. Got his ass out of bed and opened the fridge where his parents would have put the pannacotta ready to be eaten. This would be his daily routine for the years to come. Until one day something dramatic happened. He opened the fridge as he would always do but instead of a pannacotta, there was a pineapple cheesecake with a delicious crusty base. His feet started trembling and the corners of his mouth started to curl downwards. He opened the door op the house and started running.

That was the last thing we’ve ever heard of him. Some people say he is still running, others think he is just cooking aardappelstampot in a antikraakhouse in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.